The complexity and confusion of human relationships, often from a feministic point of view, is the underlying motiv in my artwork. Lately my focus has been the conflict between the inner self and outer circumstance and the search for human identity. I want to explore the confused outer self in relation to the inner self and its interaction with other people:
"Who are you, and who am I, and wherein lies the difference?" 
The search for an identity through perfecting the body particularly interests me. Today the strife for a perfect body contour becomes more and more impossible. If we were all perfect according to current media ideals, we would become impossible to separate. 
With the help of line drawings of similar body contours,  I try to establish the emptiness within as an effect of our search for outer perfection.  By making it difficult to separate these body contours, floating into each other, I also want to depict a loss of individuality. This as a  result of striving towards a streamlined medial ideal.
I paint in many layers of oil tempera, collage, acrylic medium and Indian ink with a basis from drawings.


Artist Statement: